Drighlington Bicycle Club has a racing heritage that stretches back to the 1920’s. To this day we have members competing in a range of racing disciplines and events including Cyclo-cross, Hill Climbs, Road Racing, Time Trials, Duathlon and Triathlon.

Some members have been competing for over 40 years alongside those new to the club trying their hand at something different and enjoying the experience. 


Cyclo-cross races take in various types of terrain and surface conditions ranging from grass, mud, wooded paths, steep hills and obstacles. Frame clearance for wider tyres with deep tread patterns are a must to maintain grip and cope with the off road conditions.

Often the rider has to dismount the bike and run up hills or over obstacles carrying the bicycle on their shoulder. The transition from riding to running and back again takes its toll on the competitor as different muscle groups are called upon sporadically.

Darren enjoying the mud during a race at Temple Newsam.
Neil racing in the Yorkshire Cyclo Cross Winter Series at Myrtle Park, Bingley.

Hill Climb

Hill Climb events are generally held at the end of the summer time trial season, with riders starting at one minute intervals racing against the clock up either short and extremely steep hills or longer sustained drags.

Often the racing is that intense that volunteers known as ‘catchers’ are waiting just beyond the finish line to help riders dismount and ensure they are supported whilst they recover. Bikes are often stripped back and lightweight as power to weight ratio is the key when racing against gravity.

Jared defying gravity in the annual DBC Hill Climb Event.
Abbie competing in the DBC Hill Climb Event held every October on Scotchman Lane, near Morley.

Time Trials

Time trials range in distance, typically 10, 25, 50 and 100 miles, or races are held over a fixed time of 12 or 24 hours. With cutting edge technology and wind tunnel tested skin suits and aero bikes at the fore to achieve the fastest speeds with least air resistance.

Known as the Race of Truth, time trials are generally a solo event where riders start at 1 minute intervals and race against the clock. Its all about maintaining the fastest speed and power output over the given distance or time.

Maria racing against the clock in a 25 mile time trial.
Susan competing in a 25 mile time trial in Wales.