Club Records

Club Records

Individuals Time Trial Records

EventRecord HolderTime / DistanceDate
Junior 10 (M)Carl Neilson22m 59s03/05/84
Junior 15 (M)Michael Phillips37m 06s03/06/65
Junior 25 (M)Carl Neilson56m 50s26/07/84
Juv 10 (M)Philip Todd23m 02s11/05/02
Juv 25 (M)Philip Todd1hr 5m 40s01/05/02
Juv 10 (F)Sarah Todd26m 10s10/07/01
Juv 25 (F)Sarah Todd1hr 12m 57s06/05/00
Ladies 10Maria Mulleady23m 03s17/09/16
Ladies 15Susan Sanders36m 42s30/05/21
Ladies 25Susan Sanders1hr 1m 2s07/08/21
Ladies 30Susan Sanders1hr 15m 22s22/09/18
Ladies 50Maria Mulleady2hr 14m 33s25/09/16
Ladies 100Susan Sanders4hr 55m 15s15/07/18
Ladies 12hrSarah Gell220.2 miles16/08/15
Mens 10Oliver Higbee19m 38s13/08/22
Mens 15Sean Sanders31m 49s30/05/21
Mens 25Sean Sanders52m 06s31/08/20
Mens 30Sean Sanders1hr 2m 05s22/09/18
Mens 50Sean Sanders1hr 50m 32s11/07/20
Mens 100Sean Sanders3hr 46m 03s04/09/21
Mens 12hrSean Sanders271.29 miles01/08/21
Mens 24hrSean Sanders434.89 miles17/07/21
Club Hillclimb (M)Dave Long3 minutes11/10/86
Club Hillclimb (F)Sarah Gell4m 33s2014

Team Time Trial Records

EventRecord HolderTimeDate
10Ian Galbraith / Thomas Parzyk / Ritchie Towers1hr 3m 24s10/09/16
15Susan Sanders / Oliver Higbee / Sean Sanders1hr 40 59s30/05/21
25Oliver Higbee / Tomasz Parzyk / Sean Sanders2hr 39m 10s31/08/20
30Peter Holden / Graham Barker / Antony Carol3hr 35m 43s16/07/74
50Peter Holden / Graham Barker / Howard Blakely 5hr 42m 03s1976
100Peter Holden / Graham Barker / Bill Fielding
12hr 45m 02s1976
12hrMick Phillips / David Todd/ DA Lindsay733.518 miles1982
24hrNo Record

DBC over the years have had a Best All-Rounder time trial award similar to the British Best All-Rounder held at national level. For the short distance BAR the average speed of 2 x 10, 25 and 50 mile races are recorded. For the long BAR the average speed of a 50, 100 mile and 12 hour time trial in one season is recorded. For the Junior BAR the average speed of 2 x 10 and 2 x 25 mile TT’s are recorded.

Current record holders are: 

EventRecord HolderAverage SpeedDate
Short (M)Sean Sanders28.334 mph2020
Long (M)Sean Sanders25.397 mph2021
JuniorCarl Neilson25.963 mph1984
Short (F)Susan Sanders22.762 mph2021