Cyclocross races take in various types of terrain and surface conditions ranging from grass, mud, wooded paths, steep hills and obstacles. Frame clearance for wider tyres with deep tread patterns are a must to maintain grip and cope with the off road conditions.

Often the rider has to dismount the bike and run up hills or over obstacles carrying the bicycle on their shoulder. The transition from riding to running and back again takes its toll on the competitor as different muscle groups are called upon sporadically.

Neil competing in the Yorkshire Cyclocross Series 2018



Tomasz racing in the North of England Cyclocross Championships, Peel Park, Bradford. 2018

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Indication for a Hazard

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Indication for a left or right hand turn

The front rider is indicating the need to conduct a left hand turn, this signal will be accompanied... Read more

When to Ride Two Abreast

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